Look Who Contacted Us!



As a committee, we decided it would be fun to invite some former faculty and staff members from CCHS to our Saturday night reunion!  We haven't heard from everyone we invited, but we did receive some really nice messages from a couple of people.  Do you recognize these names?!?!




Dear Former CCHS Students,

I will not be able to attend your reunion festivities because I will be in another state!  I wish I did not have a scheduling conflict because it would be great to see all you again.  The CCHS Class of 1993 included some very smart, funny, nice, strange, and kind students.  Your class was one of my favorites.  I am sure that adulthood has given you some surprises, but if you maintained some of the characteristics I saw when I was your Principal, I know that life will stay good for you.

Again, my sincere regrets for not being able to attend and I really appreciate the invitation.  So……enjoy each other, have fun and don't get in trouble.

Jim Willis

(Dr. Willis, former CCHS Principal)



Dear Class of 93!
I was thrilled to hear from "YOU" after being out-of-town for the last 2 weeks!
I am so sorry to say that I cannot be there with you on Sat. night because we have a (long-planned) commitment to be with old friends for the weekend in NC.
Your invitation stating, "....we would love for you to see how your influence has helped shape us into the men and women we have become!" is such a dear and classy statement!
I would love to see you all- Please know that you were a very memorable part of my career as a high school counselor- You were a very special class!
With heartfelt regret for missing this opportunity to see you and with love,
Mrs. Milhous
PS   If possible, please include me for your 25th!!